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News from the global scientific community focused on furthering the understanding and treatment of pediculosis, including research and clinical trials.

27.03.12 | Updated UK Head Lice Treatment Guidelines

The Public Health Medicine Environmental Group (PHMEG) has recently released updated guidelines for diagnosis, preventation and treatment of head lice infection. This is a revised version of the 2008 update.

21.03.12 | New Paper on Insecticide Resistance in Head Lice

A newly-published review paper in the April 2012 edition of Clinical Microbiological Infection discusses the spread of insecticide resistance and the effect on head lice treatment.

15.03.12 | Ovidical testing of NYDA dimeticone treatment

A new study of the NYDA dimeticone series, published in the March 2012 edition of the Journal of Medical Entomology, has shown complete ovidical effectiveness in in vitro experiments.

08.03.12 | Large-scale survey recommends more frequent lice inspections

A  large-scale survey of household lice inspection in Norway has found that nearly half of households inspect for head lice either biannually or not at all.

06.03.12 | Pediculosis in the literature: brief update

Pediculosis is the subject of two new recent comment papers (subscription required for access).

24.02.12 | Oral ivermectin, malathion and other treatments: literature roundup

A round-up of literature over the last couple of years covering diverse methods of treating pediculosis.

17.02.12 | Dimeticones and pediculosis: a review of recent literature

Physically acting pedulicides are of continuing interest to the those creating and providing anti-head lice treatments. In particular, dimeticones have received increasing attention over the last few years. Here we summarise the results in the scientific literature between 2010 and now.

17.02.12 | New Cochrane treatment review forthcoming

The Cochrane Collaboration has released an updated protocol for assessing the effectiveness of head-lice treatments by means of meta-studies of Randomized Controlled Trials, as part of an update to their review of evidence for the effectiveness of pediculosis treatments. 

15.02.12 | New treatment modality ideas: insecticidal plastic surfaces

Could anti-headlice shower caps be the future for headlice treatment?

08.02.12 | Spinosad in recent scientific literature

Spinosad has been the topic of two recent papers investigating its effectiveness in treating pediculosis in humans.

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