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This section of is devoted to news about clinical trials, their aims and outcomes.

05.07.16 | Recent trials of oil-based lice treatments

Recent trials for oil-based lice treatments have shown promising results in using physical action to treat lice infections.

06.06.16 | Clinical trials update 2016

A review of head lice clinical trials news in 2016.

30.01.15 | Clinical Trials Update Jan 2015

 Recent news relevant to clinical trials on pediculosis.

04.09.14 | Successful Phase 3 results for Hatchtech Xeglyze trials

Hatchtech Pty Ltd this week announced successful results for its phase 3 trials of Xeglyze™ Lotion, a novel lice and egg treatment.

27.08.14 | Clinical Trial Roundup

A summary of recent clinical trial news.

05.06.14 | Use of 1,2-octanediol in preventing lice infection

A new paper reports on a randomised, controlled, cross-over study investigating the efficacy of 1,2- octanediol in preventing lice infection.

26.11.12 | New clinical trial for prevention of head lice infection

A clinical trial has been registered researching the possibility of using a novel pediculicide to prevent, rather than remove, head lice infection.

20.08.12 | New Natroba clinical trial entry

A new record for a Natroba clinical trial is available on the US Clinical Trials registry.

20.08.12 | Pediculosis clinical studies roundup

A short overview of pediculosis clinical trials in recent years.

04.07.12 | New clinical trial data for non-pesticide based lice treatment

New data has been released this month which claims in vivo effectiveness for a non-pesticide based head-lice treatment.

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