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News from the global scientific community focused on furthering the understanding and treatment of pediculosis, including research and clinical trials.

18.09.13 | Study of tocopheryl acetate for lice elimination

A derivative of vitamin E has been investigated for anti-lice properties.

15.06.13 | New study comparing LiceFreee spray with permethrin

New study results have been recently published of a randomly controlled trial comparing 1% sodium chloride spray with 1% permethrin creme.

12.06.13 | New study comparing dimeticone with permethrin

New study results have been recently published of a randomly controlled trial comparing 4% dimeticone liquid gel with 1% permethrin creme.

11.03.13 | More on Ivermectin and safety

Following the recent publication of clinical trial data showing Ivermectin solution to be a safe and effective pediculicide, two further recent items of note:

29.01.13 | New study on insecticide resistance in lice

A recently-published study has found high occurrance of a genetic mutation in a lice sample which correlates with resistance to permethrin and malathion treatments.

04.01.13 | Ivermectin in vivo study results

A recently published study has found that ivermectin solution has strong in vivo pediculicide properties.

13.12.12 | FDA rejects lindane ban petition

A petition requesting that lindane be withdrawn from sale as a second-line pediculicide has been denied by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

13.12.12 | Commentary and response on spinosad clinical trial

An assessment and author response to a 2009 clinical trial of spinosad has been published in Archives of Dermatology.

26.11.12 | New clinical trial for prevention of head lice infection

A clinical trial has been registered researching the possibility of using a novel pediculicide to prevent, rather than remove, head lice infection.

08.11.12 | Topical ivermectin in head lice treatment

A new study has shown that Ivermectin lotion is effective when applied topically to treat head lice infection.

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