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News from the global scientific community focused on furthering the understanding and treatment of pediculosis, including research and clinical trials.

19.02.16 | Lice repellents found in clove essential oil

A new study has revealed that eugenol, a major component of clove essential oil, has strong repellent effect on body lice.

19.02.16 | Prevalence of Head Lice Infestation among Students in Iran

A meta-analysis study has revealed that the  that prevalence of head lice infestation among Iranian primary school children is relatively high with greater prevalence among girls.

10.02.16 | Tea Tree Oil for Head Lice Treatment

Medscape has published a summary of studies evaluating the effect of using tea tree oil in treating head lice.

10.02.16 | Further Study on Dimeticones for Head Lice Treatment

A study aimed at comparing the efficacy of commercially available anti-head lice shampoos has demonstrated that products containing mineral oils are more effective for killing head lice.

22.01.16 | More Information on the Head Lice Genome

New genetic study of human head and body lice aims to clarify the relationship between the two types of lice, preparing the ground for further genome mapping.

22.01.16 | Head Lice Clinical Practice Review

A new review of lice treatments documents increasing resistance to older treatments along with promising new pediculicides.

11.01.16 | Lice infection rates in Polish schoolchildren

A new study investigating the prevalence of head lice in the villages and towns in eastern Poland has revealed interesting contrasts between infestation rates amongst girls compared to boys and between villages and towns.  

24.11.15 | Laboratory and clinical trials of cocamide lotion against head lice

A new study has revealed that cocamide DEA 10% lotion shows limited activity to eliminate head lice infection.

12.11.15 | Head lice predictors and infestation dynamics among students

Two new studies have revealed that unnoticed transmissions in schools and families are likely to be the major drivers for outbreaks of head lice infestation.

12.11.15 | Severe iron deficiency anaemia and lice infection

A new case report has linked a young woman’s severe iron deficiency anaemia with chronic lice infection.

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