Evaluation of the plant essential oils to control head lice

Created on 23.10.15

An analysis of essential oils from natural compounds has revealed that the leaves of Thymus vulgaris would be an effective and valid tool for the management of head lice.

A new study by Gutiérrez et al., published in the October 2015 edition of Parasitology Research, evaluated several naturally occurring essential oils and extracts for pediculicide activity against both adults and eggs.

The study comprised extracts from the leaves and fruits of S. areira, and the leaves of T. vulgaris, A. polystachya and A. citriodora. Both contact and fumigant bioassays were performed. The S. areira and T. vulgaris extracts were found to be the most effective against adult lice and eggs, respectively.

This study increases the number of essential oils tested for anti-lice activity. The most recent clinical evidence profile for essential oils in lice treatment, published earlier in 2015, indicated there was not enough evidence yet for the effectiveness of essential oils against lice to be adequately summarised.

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