Ivermectin in vivo study results

Created on 04.01.13

A recently published study has found that ivermectin solution has strong in vivo pediculicide properties.

The study by Meinking, et al., published in the January 2013 edition of International Journal of Dermatology, compared three concentrations of ivermectin solution to placebo for combatting head lice infections among 78 patients.

The results of the randomised, double-blinded study showed that 0.5% ivermectin solution eliminated lice in nearly three-quarters of patients who receieved the treatment (P ≤ 0.003), well above the results from placebo, with good toleration from patients.

The study was funded by Topaz Pharamaceuticals, Inc, the makers of Sklice, which has been available in a 0.5% solution form by prescription in the US since mid-2012.




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