Best Yet! head-lice marketing requires FDA pre-approval

Created on 31.10.13

A recent decision by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that advertising claims by makers of Best Yet! head lice products receive Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pre-approval.

The July 2013 decision, which resolves deceptive advertising charges relating to a cedar-oil product primarily aimed at bed bug infestations, may have knock-on affects for related head lice products.

As a result of this decision, the makers of the Best Yet! product are required to ensure that any future advertising relating to the effectiveness of the product in treating head lice is pre-approved by the FDA.

This decision does not imply that advertising for other head lice products would necessarily require FDA pre-approval -- guidance and case-law is unclear on this point -- but the result of this case should be taken into account by interested parties as regards FDA guidance for head lice treatment.


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