New treatment modality ideas: insecticidal plastic surfaces

Created on 15.02.12

Could anti-headlice shower caps be the future for headlice treatment?

The INSEPLATEX research project, which is being partly funded by the Spanish government, is looking into incorporation of insecticides, repellants and biocides into plastic and textile sheeting, with obvious relevance to pediculosis.

Initial results of trials of permethrin-impregnated plastic sheeting against flies and cockroaches are expected in 2012, which will be of keen interest for the pediculosis community. This could potentially pave the way for novel treatment modalities where lice-infected areas are brought into contact with an impregnated treatment sheet without the need for application and removal of a chemical solution.

INSEPLATEX is being led by the research company Technalia, with headquarters in San Sebastian, Spain. The research aims to impregnate plastic sheeting with a variety of insectides and biocides for the management of several common urban insect pests, which could include head lice.

Further updates will be made when the research is published.

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