Safety, Efficacy, and Physicochemical Characterization of T. crispa Ointment

Created on 15.12.17

A new study investigating a community-based pediculicidal ointment, Tinospora crispa, has revealed that T. crispa pediculicidal ointment is safe, effective and has acceptable physicochemical characteristics.

A study by Torre published in the August 2017 Korean Journal of Parasitology evaluated the chemical compounds present in T. crispa using liquid-liquid extraction followed by ultra-performance liquid chromatography quadruple time-of-flight mass spectrometric (UPLC-qTOF/MS) analysis. The study also used the acute dermal irritation test (OECD 404) and an in vitro pediculicidal assay to determine the safety and efficacy of the ointment.

The findings suggest that this community-based ointment formulation is light yellow in color, has a distinct aromatic odor, a pH of 6.92±0.09, a spreadability value of 15.04±0.98 g•cm/sec and has thixotropic behavior. The ointment was also found to be non-irritant with a primary irritation index value of 0.15. The pediculicidal activity of T. crispa is also comparable to the pediculicidal activity of the positive control Kwell®, a commercially available 1% permethrin shampoo (P>0.05).

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