Efficacy of Abametapir Against Eggs of Human Head and Body Lice

Created on 16.09.16

A study undertaken to determine the ovicidal efficacy of abametapir against eggs of both human head and body lice has revealed that abametaphir has an 100% ovicidal activity in vitro assessments and therefore able to inhibit hatching of both head and body louse eggs if used in specific concetrations.

The study by Bowles published in the August 2016 Journal of Medical Entomology suggests that 100% of all abametapir –treated eggs failed to hatch at the 0.74 and 0.55% concentrations, whereas 100% of 6-8-d-old head louse eggs failed to hatch only at the 0.74% concentration.

The study also demonstrated that Xeglyze, which is 0.74% abametapir, is 100% effective at 0.74, 0.55. 0.37 and 0.18% concentrations.

The findings suggest that abametapir is an effective treatment regime for louse control due to its ovicidal activity.

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