Alliance Pharma buys the head lice treatment Vamousse from Tyra Tech for $13m.

Created on 15.12.17

The speciality pharmaceutical company, Alliance Pharma has added Vamousee to its portfolio after agreeing to buy the pesticide-free head lice treatment from Tyra Tech for $13m (£9.6m).

A report published on the 5th of December 2017 revealed that buying the pesticide-free head lice treatment Vamousse was Alliance Pharma's second deal in a week after having bought the anaesthetic gel Ametop for a $7.5m deal. The resport suggests that this second acquisition in under a week would boost immediate earnings for the company.The deal to buy Vamousse includes a deferred payment of up to $4.5m to the seller, Tyra Tech.

The report suggests that sales for Vamousse last year were $6.6m with a gross profit of $4.6m from both the US and the UK. The report also indicates that since this deal, Alliance Pharma’s share price rose by 5.11% – or 3p – on 4th of December to close at 61.75p, just short of its five-year high of 62.25p achieved in November.

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