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News from the global pharmaceuticals industry about head lice treatments and corporate developments, including takeovers and mergers.

07.10.13 | Tyratech discussing US distribution of head lice products

Tyratech Inc. is in discussions with distributors to increase the exposure of its head lice treatment range to markets in the US.

06.06.13 | Eden Research Licence Agreement

Eden Research has announced an agreement with Neo-Pharma Innovations to develop their terpene-based head lice treatment for commercial sale.

14.12.12 | New funding and efficacy data for Hatchtech

Hatchtech, Pty Ltd have announced the completion of their financing round and published new data on the active ingredient in their DeOvo pediculicide product.

13.12.12 | TyraTech receives Product Registration in UK

TyraTech, Inc, has received notification from the UK regualtory body that their VaMOUSSE!™ head lice product has been registered as a medical device.

13.09.12 | Successful End-Of-Phase-2 consultations for DeOvo

The anti-lice product DeOvo, developed by Hatchtech Pty Ltd, has successfully completed its end-of-phase II consultations with the FDA.

24.08.12 | Sklice now available by prescription in the US

Sanofi Pasteur announced this week that Sklice, their ivermectin-based head lice treatment is now commercially available by prescription in the US.

27.07.12 | DeOvo granted patent by US PTO

The active ingredient in the DeOvo head lice treatment, produced by Hatchtech Pty Ltd, has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

09.05.12 | Hatchtech finances Phase III DeOvo trials

The Australian speciality pharma company Hatchtech Pty Ltd has recently announced a new round of funding to support ongoing DeOvo trials, as well as a new CEO.

03.04.12 | New head lice product? Phytalexin and Eden Agreement

An agreement dated 19 March 2012 has been made between Eden Research plc, an agrochemical and encapsulation technology company, and Phytalexin Ltd. This grants Phytalexin exclusive rights to Eden's formulations and encapsulation technologies for use in a head-lice product.

14.03.12 | Foamix granted US Patent for PerFoam lice treatment

Foamix Ltd., the Israeli speciality pharma company, announced on 12 March 2012 that they had been granted a US patent for their PerFoam head lice treatment.

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